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Cyber Security Services

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“Synergy Systems” approach to cyber security goes above and beyond standard. With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities. When you’re concerned about your security, you want the top pen-testing company to review it. It helps your organization improve the security and risk posture of the IT ecosystem.

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How Synergy Systems Approach to Cyber Security

05 Steps

01. Identify
Take inventory of key technologies you use and know what information you need to rebuild your infrastructure from scratch. Inventory the key data you use and store and keep track of likely threats.
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02. Protect
Assess what protective measures you need to have in place to be as prepared as possible for a cyber incident. Put protective policies in place for technologies, data and users, and ensure that your contracts with cloud and other technology service providers include the same protections.
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03. Detect
Put measures in place to alert you of current or imminent threats to system integrity, or loss or compromise of data. Train your users to identify and speedily report incidents.
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04. Respond
Make and practice an Incidence Response Plan to contain an attack or incident and maintain business operations in the short term.
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05. Recover
Know what to do to return to normal business operations after an incident. Protect sensitive data and your business reputation over the long term.

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